We are Innovative

We offer nothing but originality, freshness and newness.

What we do

Property Development

At BrickHomes, we make use of the integrated approach through our ability to efficiently manage numerous and inter-related activities within specific timelines. From ideas and planning to execution and delivery, we boost of an enviable track record of delivering best-in-class commercial and residential properties.

Property Management

We provide professional and commercial advise and implore our in-house team to manage projects for clients thereby ensuring delivery on quality and budget. we coordinate and manage the implementation of projects ensuring that the key parameters, cost, time and quality development are maintained and delivered to clients. Our idearation-to-completion package involves managing the whole process of design, modeling and development for the he beginning to the very end before handover.


BrickHomes offers first class urban construction in commercial and residential projects and recieve the support of savvy practitioners who are very experienced in the Real Estate industry be it the developers, builders and architects.


We keep records and offer full scale real estate management services from creating to managing diversified port folios for our clients. The services includes buying of undeveloped lands, buying of properties, selling of properties and lease.

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